Why use an Omni-Channel Customer Experience Management Platform ?

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Omni- Channel Customer Experience Management SuiteIn a world that is defined by fierce competition, it is essential to know and understand the needs that rule the markets. The ability to translate this need effectively becomes the driving force for successful enterprises. The business to please customers ranks foremost for all industries today, intensified further in the ones that offer similar products and services. This sole dependence on customer satisfaction and a positive client interaction, thereby, enhances the importance of
Omni-Channel Customer Experience Management Suite in this twenty-first century.

Welcome to the world of XpressoInsights, a realtime online reputation management suite, that enables you to gauge your success in the real world. It is a system that uses Natural Language Processing and Understanding engine – Xpresso- to analyse unstructured text from various sources such as social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, conversations, RSS feeds, review sites, enterprise tools such as email, customer relationship tools or CRMs. A feedback, from within an enterprise and beyond, forms the raw matter indicating the level of comfort that a customer shares with a certain enterprise. Converting unstructured data to a structured one, XpressoInsights dissects this feedback, applies a business Context to it and comprehends reactions, sentiments, as well as expressions to generate meaningful insights. The outcome aims to help you at multiple levels-  to judge the reputation of your company, measure the emerging customer trends that your enterprise evokes, and recognize the knoll that serves to warn you against trouble.

2The ultimate goal of an organization is to be able to engage in a meaningful and resolution-oriented conversation with a customer as well as to act towards the improvement of the quality of services that it provides. XpressoInsights serves as the platform which propels you to achieve this end proficiently by disseminating accurate knowledge across the organization stakeholders and managements. The analysis of sentiments and expressions using Xpresso, offers a real picture of customer opinion and points to specific areas of discontent or pleasure. These can then be utilized in building purposeful customer relations.

Moreover, XpressoInsights allows you to gain knowledge about and track your competitors through its intelligent competitive index that collects information from all kinds of platforms. A real time indicator, it depicts comparisons across all parameters of a specific industry. Thus, it benefits you to strengthen your role within the larger market and also, to predict rise and decline based on past trends.

The most interesting aspect about XpressoInsights is its resource pool that is fed from all channels of customer interaction and in real time too. Knowing what your clients think, feel and expect from your enterprise is a task that you engage in. Understanding and informing you how to achieve it is a task that XpressoInsights is expressly capable of.

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