Omni-Channel Customer Experience Management Suite

  • Integrate all channels within and beyond enterprise

  • Relate text to context

  • Enable action

  • Avail in premise or on cloud

Put voice of customer in action

Reply Via Respective Channels

Reply Via Respective Channels

Connect To All The Channels


Disseminate Information To Respective Stakeholders

Customer Service

Integrate all channels within and beyond enterprise

Consolidate customer experience shared across multiple touch points, within and beyond enterprise. Track customer feedback persistently for own and competing brand. Do away with multiple tools within enterprise by reducing cost of ownership and management.

Relate text to context

Discover the knowledge in unstructured data by converting "text" to "context". Unify customer feedback analysis across the enterprise. Understand customer sentiment, expression, emotion and need linked to your domain-specific business context of own and competing brand.

Enable action

Enable relevant functional stakeholders with precise knowledge for timely data driven decision making. Track actionable with an integrated ticketing system or integrate with your existing CRM system

Avail in premise or on cloud

Do away with security concerns. XpressoInsights is available over a private cloud or in premise. Completely technology platform agnostic. Available as software as a service.


Enabling next generation cognitive bots using AI,
NLP and deep learning

The core platform converting text to context



Our core platform XPRESSO is a natural language processing and understanding engine that processes unstructured textual information available in any digital format and extracts knowledge relevant for enterprise by converting "text to context"


What it does

  • Converts "text" to "context"
  • Sentiment Detection
  • Emotion Detection
  • Intent Classification
  • Expression Detection
  • Named Entity Recognition

Key Features

  • Not Just Key Words
  • Rich Domain Concept
  • Unsupervised Domain Knowledge
  • Continuous Learning System
  • Flexibility

Enterprise solutions

Citizen sensing engine

Enables to track cumulative wisdom of citizen available over internet expressed through various channels and implementing an early warning system by churning and classifying textual information of high volume and velocity for better governance

Email sorting agent

Enables classifying emails real time with respect to context, indexing as per criticality rule and routing to right stakeholders for faster response. Augmenting human intelligence and increasing operational efficiency

Employee sensing engine

Enables understanding of employee sentiment and emotions expressed in social network and enterprise feedback system. Identifies segment wise key aspect of employment for personalized offering

Virtual resume reader

Enables ranking resume with respect to a specific job description by reading through the resume with respect to various key aspects like skill set, past employment, education, relevance of experience etc. thus reducing human effort to run through high volume resumes

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